When he was Edward!

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Will Rob ever again exude that easy charm and contentment of Edward Cullen? Who knows – but what I do know is that they are both in a bad place right now and that’s when meltdowns happen! Take care of yourselves guys.

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Kristen flips!

Kristen Stewart Middle Finger

The stress of the breakup is getting to K-Stew. Out with friends on May 23, the heartbroken actress lashed out at photographers who were disrupting her privacy.

Sometimes after a breakup, you just want to hide away from all those judging, unknowing eyes. Kristen Stewart was reportedly no different, and stayed in her house for days when she and Robert Pattinson first split. And on May 23 she was out and about trying to have a relaxing day with friends, but her frustration and stress from having a public breakup boiled over, and she gave photographers a couple middle fingers to show how she really felt.


Life without rob and two dogs!

Robert Pattinson Custody Bear Bernie


A friend of Kristen’s tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “Rob and Kristen have not spoken since last Saturday. He still has their dogs, Bear and Bernie. Kristen is happy to start working on her new movie and just wants to completely immerse herself in the project, which is going to be really intense. She also wants to get in good shape for her role and I guess to also just feel stronger physically and emotionally.”

Rob moves out of Kristen’s house!

Robert Pattinson Moves Out

Source: hollywoodlife.com

Nothing tells a girl you’re done with the relationship like a moving truck in the driveway! A truck was spotted leaving Kristen’s house on May 23, presumably containing all of Robert’s possessions.

Twi-hards can begin weeping, because Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart appear to really be over. On May 23, a moving truck was seen leaving Kristen’s Loz Feliz home, and it was likely full of Rob’s stuff. We realized things were taking a turn for the worse when Rob was seen driving away from Kristen’s house on May 19 with many of his belongings and their two dogs!

A Moving Truck Is Spotted Leaving Kristen Stewart’s House

Rob, 27, and Kristen, 23, broke up on May 18, and since then, Kristen has been acting out and flipping off photographers, while Rob has been keeping a low profile.

He wasn’t even pictured with the moving truck that was seen leaving Kristen’s house! Previously, Rob had been seen leaving Kristen’s house in a red pick-up truck with a bunch of garbage bags and their two dogs.

This is just so sad. We really wanted Rob and Kristen to make it work!

Source: hollywoodlife.com

Well…can’t say I didn’t see that coming. Cheating is a hard one to get over and most couples don’t make it. It takes a lot of therapy to forgive truly and to get all the resentment out.

Rob and Kristen call it quits again!

The shocking news that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have split yet again have rocked the world and all the Twilight fans.

According to hollywoodlife.com it was caused by none other than Rupert Sanders – or rather his texts to Kristen and vice versa. This caused a huge fight and now it’s splitsville for the Twilight lovebirds.

Here is the story from hollywoodlife.com.

Source: hollywoodscoop.com   Rob and Kristen in happier times at Coachella earlier this year.

Yes, it’s true — Rupert was involved in Rob and Kristen’s split, HollywoodLife.com has learned EXCLUSIVELY. We have the inside scoop and the explanation for Rob and Kristen’s massive fight. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seemed happier than ever, until they suddenly broke up for the second time when Rob found texts from Rupert Sanders on Kristen’s phone. HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY found out exactly what those messages said, and why Rob was left “flabbergasted.” Read on.

 Kristen Stewart Talking To Rupert Sanders: REAL Reason For Robert Pattinson Split

Kristen, 23, and Robert, 27, had a huge fight on Rob’s birthday, and on May 19 Twi-hards wept when Rob was seen driving away from kristen’s house with all his stuff.

HollywoodLife.com previously reported that Rob and Kristen fought because he saw a text on her cell phone from Rupert, and now we have EXCLUSIVELY learned that Kristen told Rupert she wanted to work with him on the Snow White & The Huntsman sequel!

Our source said:

Kristen wants Rupert Sanders to direct the second Snow White movie and Rob was flabbergasted that she would even want to work with him in any capacity after all that was done, adding that with the texts he found just blew his mind that she would test him like that. She kept testing him over and over till he couldn’t handle it anymore.

How awful! Rupert directed Kristen in the first film, and it was shortly after it was released that their affair was uncovered in July 2012. It seems shocking that she would want to work with him again, let alone even be in contact with him.

And Rob may have left her and taken all his belongings — including their dogs — but the source believes they could still work things out.

As mad as he is with her, he still might take her back. There is still plenty of history between the two.

Let’s hope that Rob and Kristen work things out, but that will never happen unless Kristen cuts off all contact with Rupert.

Kristen Stewart Was Texting Rupert Sanders?

Our source confirms that Kristen and Rob broke up over an argument about her cheating, after Rob found texts from Rupert on Kristen’s phone. A source tells The Sun:

Rob was looking at her phone on the morning of his birthday as he wanted to take a picture of something when she was in the shower. Suddenly this message flashes up and it’s not what he wanted to see. He got straight up and left. Despite Kristen’s pleas, he told her not to come to his birthday party at a friend’s that night. He’s extremely angry and upset. No matter how many times she calls or texts, friends say he’s had enough. After everything that happened and the hurt she caused, he’s furious she’d be back in touch with him, even if she is saying it’s completely innocent.

Kristen says she’ll marry Rob!

Kristen Stewart has apparently told friends at the Coachella Music festival that she would marry Rob…IF he asked!  Which means of course that he has not!

Here is the story.

Photo by Reuters.

According to dawn.com –

The 23-year-old actress and her on and off boyfriend were recently snapped looking loved-up at the Coachella music festival in California and Stewart was allegedly overheard telling her pals during the event that their relationship could be about to take a very serious turn, News reported.

Stewart reportedly also told the group that the “commitment ring” she was sporting at the festival was a birthday gift from her ‘Twilight’ co-star.

A source told Grazia magazine that she was overheard saying, “Rob and I will get married.”

The source said that Stewart wants Pattinson to understand how committed she is and also wants him to know that this is for life as far as she’s concerned.

The source revealed that the 26-year-old actor is yet to propose, but the commitment ring is a sign of how far the couple has come.

The insider said that the duo, who has had a turbulent time since Stewart’s affair with married director Rupert Sanders was revealed last year, has really turned a corner and she is doing everything she can do to show him how serious she is.

The source added that in the past, Pattinson, whose dream is to get married in England, wanted to settle down, but now Stewart is ready to show that she wants the same things as he does.

Rob strikes me as a person who will wed for life and so if you think like that – then you are very cautious about taking the plunge and probably even more so now!

It would I feel Twi fans, be a huge commitment for Rob.